Last night on Love and Hip Hop we watched as Jim Jones and his lady Chrissy discussed the details of working together on a clothing line he recently partnered with. Well ladies and gents it looks like that deal wasn’t just reality television talk. Jim has indeed partnered with music executive Dan Tan to create an outerwear collection called Protocol along with the Parish Nation design team, and true to his word he had his lady by his side to help him launch the brand.

According to Protocol:

Jim Jones is a platinum selling recording artist, trendsetter, and self proclaimed fashionista who is known worldwide as a trendsetter of fashion. He displays this in his everyday life, videos, and world tours, which has garnered him both the attention of fans and fashion executives alike. Protocol was crafted after the enormous response from fans, retailers, and celebrities whom all inquired as perfect partnership.

Parish Nation X Jim Jones – Protocol from Parish Nation on Vimeo.

Would you wear Protocol?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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  • Pe.Riche.

    It seems to me that the market is over saturated with “urban” clothing. Between Baby Phat, Phat Farm (which I believe is now defunct), what use to be FUBU and others, I just wish that there were more professional clothing options being produced by black people for black people.

    • Bronze

      Amen sister! For as long as I have been a subscriber to Coco and Creme, I have read about hundreds of black designers launching this or that. And I’m wondering….why are they not successful and why is every thing URBAN??? Seems to me that–more than anyone—black people but themselves in a box more than anyone else could.

      And on a side note: I wanna know why this dude looks dirty to me. I’m sure he smells like baby powder but he reminds me of Linus from Charlie Brown. Like I would see smoke fumes under my nose if he walked passed me.

    • donna

      I agree there are black designers that represent other styles and JJ IS urban so why can’t he have an urban brand? I dig what you’re saying, there are people in urban environments that know how to hook up a suit or may be into eclectic styles etc. It’s not this one size fit all focus. But I don’t think people should fake that if that’s not who they are. Why would JJ do a line of mens suits if he likes to get down in jean and sneaks? Just saying for example. The issue is more one of people stepping up to do more. And I think even with that people do, namely fashion designers who are passionate about fashion, but they don’t have the backing of a JJ does.

  • There are quite a few African American Designers who create other kinds of clothing. just to name a few celebities: Andre 3000 did the Benjamin bixby line, Sean John has a very nice collection of suits, and also Beyonces House of Dereon, and her mom’s Miss Tina lines all offer affordable quality clothing.

    I also love Chrissy and Jims line. I love to support Anything positive that black people are doing!

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  • Hell no I wouldn’t buy it. It doesn’t look like it’s made of quality. They’re trying to make a quick buck while their reality show is doing well. I don’t like the lil’ polo’s with the V on them, like what is that? The scarfs are nice and the varsity jacket would be nice, but the ‘sweet’ on the arm is wack. No man interested in wearing this clothing line would like that.

  • Just because he happens to be a man of color doesn’t mean his collection is strictly for an AA consumer. It all comes down to marketing, if he markets his collection in the right magazines such as GQ, Vogue Hommes and others, his collection will sell. I can see this collection worn by several influential models such as Paolo Roldan, Armando Cabral, Dmitriy Tanner and so on. It does resemble Moncler Game Rouge though.