Once “Shit Girls Say,” and “Shit Black Girls Say,” went viral, you know there had to be at least one more, right? I’ve been waiting for someone to take it here, and thankfully Robin Thede and Inda Craig-Galván put together this spoof of the funny things black dudes say and do. I swear at one point she transformed into my ex-boyfriend.

Watch “Shit Black Guys Say”

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  • “I’m out here doin me, for us!”

    #dead lol

  • Rakel

    Lol I knew it was coming. I liked it, it had me rolling. Why do I know dudes who swear they’re better than rappers in the business? Lmao, I saw too many guys I know in this video.

  • Candy1

    Definitely not as funny as Sh!t Girls Say and Sh!t Black girls Say. But it made me chuckle a little in my head because I’ve heard stuff like this at stores, running errands, and from my own man (like “Yo, I killed that shit!”)