Midwife Claire Clarke-Wood joked her entire pregnancy about how funny it would be if she delivered her own baby. In a feat that can only be compared to the ingenuity and strength of Miss Lady MacGyver mixed with The Incredible Hulk, that’s just what she ended up doing.

From The Huffington Post:

Initially, the 28-year-old thought the aches were just back pain, but she soon realized she was having contractions — about 3 weeks early. She alerted her husband about her progress at about 5 a.m., but she thought it would be a while before it was time to give birth. She was wrong. The contractions intensified, and Clarke-Wood soon found herself delivering her own baby in the bathroom, using a hand mirror. Her baby, named Esmay, was born at 7:26 a.m. on Dec. 11.

I hope that all women, especially mothers-to-be, forge an intimate relationship with their bodies, and the home-birthing trend has such wonderful roots and results that it’s hard not to support. But delivering your own baby with a hand mirror? Amazing.

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