Paula Patton recently sat down with the Insider to chat about the whirlwind of success that’s completely enveloped her life. The star of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol appears to be on cloud nine as she explains how motherhood gave her a leg up in preparation for the blockbuster, and how sexting helps to keep to the home fires burning between she and hubby Robin Thicke:


Paula Patton’s career appears to be in full swing, with a recent and stunning cover & spread in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia as well as an upcoming film titled Disconnect, which is set for release some time in 2012. Co-stars include True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard & Jason Bateman.

Dig a few shots from the striking 36-year-old’s spread that prompted the magazine to post on their Facebook page, “She honestly had the best skin and figure we’ve even seen! She barely needed any make-up either! A natural beauty!”

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  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    It might just be me but..
    does anyone else feel kinda funny knowing marriage “secrets?” The piece of info in the article wasn’t THAT revealing (and no I’m not a prude or uptight) but I feel like “what keeps the fires at home burning” isn’t my business, unless its my home.


  • Randomchick

    She seems sweet but comes across as over-talkative & annoying.lol

  • ellieandharcos

    She is an absolutely irritating, annoying, pathetically bad actress. Let’s also not mention her horrific over-acting. Look at the first scene she has talking to Cruise in MI:4. The eyebrows, the tone of voice… The whole thing just reeked of CHEESE.

    She needs to disappear before ruining another film that should be good.