We are two days away from the New Year, and while many scramble to find the perfect outfit for tomorrow night’s festivities, others are feverishly making resolutions for the new year.

While the New Year is a good time to take stock of where you’d like to be and make plans to change what’s not working, many people shy away from making resolutions because they say they just end up broken anyway.

And it’s true. Gyms are PACKED on January 1, but come the middle of February, they are empty. In spite of this, I don’t blame the resolution, I blame the person not living up to their goals.

Many of us get psyched up at the New Year and create long to do lists that we feel we must accomplish this year. And while our heart is definitely in the right place, this list sets us up for failure as we look at it and can feel completely overwhelmed.

Whether you set resolutions, set your intentions, create a vision board, or just scribble down some goals for the New Year, it’s important to have a plan. Think about where you’d like to be on New Years Eve 2012 and take some time to figure out how you plan on getting there.

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions? Are they a do or a don’t? 

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