It may come as no shock to know that voter suppression methods have been utilized in the U.S. since people of color first exercised their fundamental democratic right to choose – but it’s an outrage nonetheless. The fact that this practice appears to be expanding in this modern, “Post Obama,” era presents a far more disturbing picture. The Baltimore Suns’ in-depth story on the rise of voter suppression efforts reveals a picture that looks something like Jim-Crow 2.0:

“In the past year, 19 new laws and two executive orders were issued in 14 states to create stricter voter identification requirements. These measures were supported and passed largely by Republicans after gaining control of state legislatures and governors’ offices in 2010. Their aim is to constrict the electorate for 2012 and beyond.

Voter-suppression efforts take one of two complementary forms: restricting ballot access by enacting new or stronger identification requirements for voters to register, and limiting the time window during which voters can register, such as eliminating same-day registration and voting. In either form, ballot restrictions disproportionately disfranchise poorer and nonwhite voters, as well as senior citizens and college-age students. How do we know this? A report by New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice showed that an estimated 11 percent of Americans lack a government-issued photo identification with a current, accurate address. But the shares of Americans in the groups mentioned above who lack an ID are higher.”

To combat these highly orchestrated & corrupt endeavors, the NAACP has collaborated with Brave New Foundation to create the following video that examines the issue of voter repression. The video concludes with a call to action via text: STAND/62227 to fight for our right to vote and put an end to the vicious practices that seek to strip countless folks of this basic right that was fought so dearly for.


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