Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris seems to be finding her voice and her passion and she is not shy about it. The 13 year old who recently just completed her first film, will make an appearance on Ellen today to discuss everything from her colorful childhood to adjusting to life without her superstar dad.

People Magazine reports that Paris will not hold back when it comes to certain controversial topics, including the infamous masks that she and her siblings were forced to wear in public. Apparently she also thought they were spooky but realized when she got older that it was MJ’s way of protecting their privacy.

She also credits her late father for encouraging her foray into acting, and explains how he would set up scenes for her and her brothers to act out and by doing so he trained them to push their boundaries and expanded their sense of imagination.

She confesses that for the most part, her life is pretty normal and she is able to assimilate successfully in any arena.

Hopefully she will continue to remain level-headed and “normal,” especially if Mama Jackson continues to be a constant presence.

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