The dust seems to be settling now that Pastor Eddie Long and his long-suffering wife have separated and are headed for divorce. And now after months of self-inflicted indignity and questionable revelations, Long announced this past Sunday that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from his gig at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. But he made sure to assuage his confused followers by promising that he will absolutely be back; “I haven’t stepped down, I’ve actually stepped up”. “I’m still your pastor. You will receive my direction”.

This is the decision he should made earlier on when he was hit with allegations of sexual abuse by the very young men he was supposedly mentoring. Its quite incredible that despite the heavy controversy surrounding one of the most prominent pastors in Atlanta, he was able to continue on as if he was just merely stung by a bee and his ever loyal congregation played their roles to perfection by standing by their embattled leader come what may. There is something illicitly filthy about the whole situation, especially since Long ended up settling out of court which he insisted was the fastest way to make the ugliness go away, but one can strongly argue that a man in his position should have made it his personal mission to alleviate any sense of doubt by proving that money can’t buy innocence or an acquittal.

Hopefully this much needed time off will allow the man behind the pulpit to search his soul and find out who he REALLY is and how that will revelation will fit into his reality. His soon to be ex-wife Vanessa Long saw the light and jumped ship even though she was hesitant to sail away anchor-free. That has to be a sign that she could no longer keep up the façade and protect a man who betrayed in the worst way imaginable.

It remains to be seen whether Eddie Long will be brave enough to stop betraying himself and step into the platform and truth and ownership, if not for himself, then at least for the lost sheep he has led astray for far too long.

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