I have a special brand of anger in my heart for people who publicly announce that they are ending relationships before having a heart to heart with their partners. In fact, I have an entire type of anger set aside for people who are unable to sit down and talk with their partners about any problems period, but perhaps expecting that level of communication is asking too much.

All I know is that since the late ’90s, when Matt Damon dated Minnie Driver and she found out that their relationship was over only after he made the announcement on The Oprah Winfrey Show, I have been unable to tolerate any of Damon’s movies or public appearances (random, I know…but I still hate him for that). So now I’m going to add Deion Sanders to the list of people who, even when caught in the corner of my eye in passing, are doing too much just by existing — Pilar Sanders learned that he was leaving her only after reading it on TMZ.com. Like anyone would be, she admits having been “heartbroken and surprised.”

My walls aren’t plastered with Deion Sanders posters or anything but I did watch the couple’s reality show Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love once or twice. It was Pilar, with her dedication to fitness and flyness, that gave that show heft, not Deion who seemed a bit immature and needed to get over himself; I’m not completely surprised that he’d be the type to pull such a gargantuan jerk move. But I’m sure that there are people without reality shows who do this as well, and I can’t imagine a relationship that I’d put my all into deteriorating so badly that my partner is communicating his needs to everyone else but me. The very thought of that kind of betrayal and embarrassment is chilling.

Your thoughts, Clutchettes?


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  • Clnmike

    BS, she knew it was coming, you do not go from marriage to divorce and not see the signs or have the talk. She might have been in denial and or thought they could make it work but she knew were it was going.

    • sunday

      The article isn’t really talking about the divorce itself. We all know when something like a break-up is on the horizon, but it’s a whole ‘nother story when the shoe drops on television or the internet to thousands of STRANGERS before *you* hear anything. I’ve had my share of rough relationships, but even with the one that ended the worst (cheating was involved) I was still adult enough to face him to end the relationship. I have less respect for Damon and Sanders not because of their decision to cut a relationship–it happens, no sense in being angry at the ins and outs of life–but because of their blatant disrespect.

      Sheesh, I wouldn’t even leave a job I hated without giving them a heads up first…

    • Clnmike

      I do not see it that way, these are public figures whose lives are under a microscope, it would have made the tabloids regardless of if they confessed to it or not, they announcing it to the media was more them taking control and being preemptive in what would have been punching bag situation for the gossip rags. I do not know Damon relationship woes but Sanders marriage has apparently been on the rocks for awhile now and she knew it. This was not the first time he wanted out and divorce was most likely brought up before, she may be upset that he chose not to go into further discussion with her about it but she knew.

  • 42 Cents

    He always struck me as an a–hole!

  • Fact check: Look at his daughters tweets: https://twitter.com/#!/DeiondraSanders

  • Perverted Alchemist

    You have to admit, though…this was funny- mean-spirited…cruel, even…but funny…

  • Vee

    Deiondra needs to be kept out of grown people’s business.