We’ve all had them. Those days when work feels like it’s closing in and if you don’t get some breathing space you’re going to rip your hair out and run naked through the streets screaming. Those days we can understand, the feelings come and go and before you know it life seems normal again. Then there are the days when you know it’s more than a case of the ‘Monday Blues.’ You feel stifled, you want to fly, but feel like your job is holding down your wings. You could just start looking for another job, but that would only pacify your restless feelings. Then you start thinking of what it would be like to just quit. Just walk in one morning, resignation letter in hand and the whole world at your feet. Maybe you have a plan for after you quit, maybe you don’t, but you do know that where you are isn’t where you should or want to be. Maybe you want to travel the world or become a teacher in a foreign country. Maybe you want to start a non-profit or finally pursue that acting career. Then reality and bills give us a swift kick in the butt and we push our dreams to the back burner, but what if we didn’t have to?

What if today was the day that you could drop everything to do anything that you wanted….what would you do?

– Danielle Pointdujour

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