One of the best parts about Christmas is the family holiday photo. Everyone gathers around in tacky sweaters with maybe a winter wonderland motif in the background and smiles for the camera, spreading some Yuletide wishes. Except for the holiday card from Jorge Santini, the mayor of San Juan. There really aren’t words for how bizarre his family’s sense of good tidings is.

Yes, you’re seeing that right. Feliz Navidad, a cougar tackling an antelope to death with a snowflake overlay. I think the best part is the little girl to the left serving all of that Christmass sass, like all of nature is not unraveling around her. The idea was to promote the local natural history museum, so the family shot a series of these cards, each with its own taxidermy theme, each with another set of smize action from the Santini mini-diva. Check more of them out over at Huffington Post!

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  • “…like all of nature is not unraveling around her.”


  • HuesofHoney

    The little girl steals the show…lol

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Okay, now that I’ve stopped laughing,

    The big kitty jaws at the antelope’s throat image IMO just looks really tacky in the center of that handsome family photo. I’d ’86 that clip and put little mama (who’s on that Willow Smith ,”hmm yeah I go hard”) in the center.

    If anything, I’d have the kitty (which looks a leopard) lying down in front of the family (cat eyes facing the camera like “I WILL snack on you b&$%#”) – and this would make an ULTRA-GANGSTA Christmas family photo.


  • FaSho

    Little lady is giving it. They should have just had her and the animals and left the rest of the family out. This would be one heck of a christmas card to post on the front door lol.