I’m not going to get into the differences between how black and white parents discipline their children. I don’t have kids of my own so when I say that I’d spank my children if I had any, folks tend to say that I have no credibility and would probably be a big old softie in real life. But my teaching experience has made me side-eye one thing in particular: the “time out.” Never once have I encountered a well-behaved, respectful child who became that way thanks to a steady diet of time-outs. Not one not ever, and I’ve certainly never heard of a piece of furniture to support said time-outs. But of course there is one.

Yes, this is real, and retails for $69. As if the looks on this kid’s face weren’t enough, check out the item description from Wisteria.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to punish your kids because they’re so darn cute! However, our time out stool may have them volunteering. The hourglass is filled with white sand to time approximately five minutes, so you’ll know exactly when their time out has expired. The base is made of durable¬†mango wood. Not a toy. For children only with adult supervision. Maximum weight is 150 lbs.

I think the need for the reminder that this stool has a weight limit is the funniest, and most tell-tale part. I’m sure someone out there is still giving their 200 pound teenager timeout on a regular basis.

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  • Mel

    I never sat in time-out. I was spanked, promptly. When I saw this on another website, my first thought was, “Who in the world is putting a 149 pound child in time out?!” huh?!

  • Dannie

    This is total crap! While every kid is not the same, if a parent is stern and means business the child will act right. I got whooped and had punishments that made jail look like a kiddie pool. Every body is so damn soft these days. Kids try your patience. The poke and prod to see what they can get away with. If they know that there is a chance that their parent will act straight fool, they will act right. It doesn’t matter the race because I know some white parents that will not hesitate to put foot to ass and I know some black parents who have unruly children. As a parent you have to
    mean business.

  • Fasho

    A weight limit was imposed because our youth of today are obese because all we do is feed them fast food. Spankings don’t work if they did you would not have to constantly give them. Physical pain is momentarily unless you are torturing them, and if you are doing that they will be messed up for life anyway. You have to really dig deep in a persons mind to let them know why something is wrong and give them examples. Time and patience.

  • Jenn

    This item is simply ridiculous.

    I’m a child care worker at a women and childrens shelter. Obviously we have very specific reasons for utilizing time out, but I can say with some certainty it *does* work. The issue arises with *when* in the childs life you begin to implement it. If you’re kid is 8 or 9 they’re too old for that and you can begin to utilize other forms of behavior management. Reinforcement of positive behavior is always more successful (yes, not just ethical, but successful) than punishment.

    People often spank their kids as an emotional response to the fact that *they’re* annoyed. 90% of the time spanking has less to do with the child than it does with the parents inability to cope with stress or being judged in the grocery store. Spanking your children also makes them more likely to view general physical violence as acceptable and it increases the likelihood that your kids will beat the crap out of each other.

  • umwhat

    Parents don’t spank to teach their kids a lesson, they spank to relieve their own agression. Spanking teaches children nothing but fear, there is no lesson learned from spanking than that a certain action will invoke violence from their parents. They didn’t learn why they shouldn’t do what they did was wrong. Having the sense to be patient with a child is much more beneficial. Children need things explained to them, they need to understand why what they did was wrong. They don’t need to be hit just because a parent doesn’t want to take the time to talk to their child and would rather feed their own agression and frustration.