Ricky Perry needs to go ahead and give up the ghost.His campaign is done. Over. Fineto. And yet, he still carries on making questionable ads dissing soldiers and claiming there’s some sort of war going on against Christmas (has he seen the glut of Christmas ads lately?) and Christians at large.

In his latest campaign ad, which is aimed at wooing voters in Iowa, Perry says he’ll “end President Obama’s war on religion.” Because…Obama’s clearly not a Christian, right? Oh, wait…he is. Perhaps, the alleged war on religion is slowing down the economy? Maybe it’s this war on religion that has 14 million people out of work, and millions more underemployed? Or perhaps this phantom war on religion is distracting Congress from settling the tax issue or how to get all of our troops out of the Middle East? Or umm, something.

I am starting to feel bad for Republicans. This cannot be the party of Lincoln, or even Richard Nixon, who was a supporter of civil rights. Even though I am a Democrat I refuse to believe this crop of candidates is the best Republicans have to offer. I am hoping they rebound and are able to rescue their party from these fools because it is through collective work–on both sides–that America will grow and hopefully continue to improve.


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