It’s truly hard to come up with an original idea these days so we can’t completely fault Rihanna for this one. Apparently her uber FAB music video is the talk of the town because it resembles the work of a very revered fashion photographer, Sølve Sundsbø. The shadow-play element that dominates the video echoes a 2008 editorial that the photographer styled for Numero, an international fashion magazine. Everything from the styling to the layout shots proves without a doubt that there are some jarring comparisons between the two pieces.

This is not the first time Rihanna has been accused of stealing creatively. Not too long ago, famed photographer David LaChapelle, sued Rihanna after alleging that her S&M video borrowed heavily from his work. The suit was recently settled but it does signal that perhaps its time for a bit of reflection and a douse of unfiltered inspiration.

Rihanna is an above average talent but her team needs to try to keep up with her without selling her out in a way that creates an air of unoriginality. It’s definitely back to the drawing board for Rihanna and her crew!

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