A Los Angeles “entertainment entrepreneur” named Troy Stratos has been indicted for fraud charges after allegedly stealing $7 million dollars from a recent divorcee who law officials have identified as Nicole Murphy (now Nicole Mitchell), the ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy.

According to Huffington Post:

The indictment charges that Stratos persuaded his victim to invest the proceeds of her divorce overseas, where they would earn a high rate of return. She put the proceeds into a revocable trust with Stratos in Fair Oaks, a Sacramento suburb, according to the federal indictment.

Prosecutors say Stratos never invested the money, but spent it on himself. He also opened a bank account in Florida, they say, and used portions of the money to pay the victim’s expenses while leading her to believe he was paying her expenses out of his own pocket.

Nicole Murphy’s federal lawsuit alleges she put $11 million into a trust with Stratos but he and the other defendants spent the money on themselves.

That scheme couldn’t have sounded right from jump and I’m surprised that Murphy fell for such a huge scam…sort of. I just know that if I was bilked for over 60% of any investment I’d be devastated and that would be on the “hey, I gave you $100 and you kept $60” level. But the difference between $11 million and $7 million? That has to make me feel a little bit sorry for her. Mo’ money mo’ problems indeed.

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