I can’t believe its 2011 and kids are still letting their pants sag all around their ankles, but they are. In response, Northwestern High School in South Carolina has created a solution that they hope will be more effective than punishment — a library for belts.

From The Root:

“We see kids with their britches hanging down all the time,” assistant football coach and administrative assistant William Cureton told the Herald of Rock Hill. “We want to change the culture.”

The school, which used to hand out disciplinary write-ups for anyone who wore sagging pants, felt it was time to change the rule because no one was paying attention.

“We’re willing to try anything in order to give the kids an opportunity to do the right thing,” Blake said. Students who are cited for wearing sagging pants will be able to rent out a belt for a day.

Of course, proponents of free expression disagree with any attempts to stop “sagging” at all, with one of the school’s juniors pointing out that since most people wear belts with their droopy pants, “they’ll just have one extra belt.”

I can’t remember when people started sagging their pants like this — maybe it was in the early 2000’s or something — but there is no room for sagging pants and skinny jeans. I wasn’t quite as bothered when the style was just ridiculously huge pants and exposed drawers that could also be pants, but now we have to look at young men in what are practically leggings and boxer-briefs? I feel like an old fogey even objecting to it, but one thing that keeps me off of public transportation is knowing that if I am around teenagers I will definitely be subjected to all sorts of tenderoni buns popping out over skinny jean belt loops. Freedom of expression is great but the situation has become a bit obscene.

What do you think? Should schools keep young men from showing their drawers with loaner belts? Or are sagging pants nothing for schools to worry about?

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