I’m sure we won’t see Vanessa Bryant holding up a sign heckling Kobe at the next Lakers’ game, but I’m sure she got a chuckle out of this woman’s story.

During the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game on Christmas day, Annie Wagner held up a sign taking a shot at her cheating boyfriend. The sign which read, “My cheating ex boyfriend is watching game from couch instead,” was picked up by TV cameras and broadcast around the nation.

Now…who wants to be THAT guy, watching the game and seeing his ex pop up not only on the game, but also on news stories and blogs across the country? I’m not an advocate for revenge, but she certainly got the better of her ex.

Have you ever gotten revenge on a ex in a creative way? 


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  • jaslene

    What irks me is how she wrote “watching game” not watching the game. Also really girl you bringing that mess up.

  • Isis

    Im a woman and sometimes I feel so sorry for women. We’re supposed to be all these things to ppl but God forbid we feel anger, hurt or resentment. We have to be happy all the time while wearing 6 inch heels or we’re nothing. Ughh

  • Big Booty White Girl

    This is actually laughable. The girl should move on with your life instead. If anything, this whole thing makes her ex even more popular. I can guarantee that!

  • natasha j

    This girl makes it so easy for a boyfriend to wanna go out and cheat on her.

  • African Mami

    I’m with Ms.Shakespeare! Move on with your life mama! He ain’t worried about you! But if it made you breathe better, kudos to you!