Sheree Whitfield’s interview on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” yesterday makes me think she might be a CLUTCH reader on the low. During the Real Housewive’s sit-down with the morning crew she seemed to answer so many of our comments about how messed up her priorities are, explaining that she’s not living behind her means and just “downsized.” That repossessed car? That was because of unpaid legal fees, and a girl’s gotta be legal with hers. And she says that the very fact her car was repossessed shows that it was paid off in full(?). Yeah, I’m side-eyeing too. Just watch:

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  • theblacksocialite

    That does make sense-about her car. (And that’s about all that made sense) Point being, that the dealership did not repossess it- her lawyer did for unpaid fees; which means it was an asset. Until your car is paid off it’s a liability and belongs to the bank-that wouldn’t do her unpaid lawyer any good.

    • Thank you! I was just about to post about that.

    • HuesofHoney

      black socialite…are you related to the black snob? lol I’m sorry…but..that still makes no sense…why make that type of purchase when you owe lawyers alot of money? not a good look.

      And how is it Kandi is worth more than all of them…and she hustles harder than all of them with the exception of Phaedra…lol… and even crazy Ne Ne has enough sense to use that show for what it’s worth. She needs to move on ….let go and let God…Anway… I think that is just about them both being bitter towards each other….We don’t know what’s true and what’s not…the truth is somewhere in the middle….like the old saying goes . I don’t like seeing them fight over child support money on tv either….really not the place.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Cocaine (and reality stardom) is a hell of a drug, LMAO!!!!

  • Sheree’s priorities really do seem a bit… scattered. She seems more concerned with proving to the masses that she isn’t broke and putting on some facade, when she should be learning how to invest wisely and exploring lucrative job prospects. I was a bit perturbed by how flip she was about not having had a job in years on WWHL, when a fan suggested she get one.

    Also, while she’s critiquing Phaedra’s prowess as a lawyer, she needs to come clean about why she may not have wanted Phaedra to enforce the child support order against her ex and have him arrested. Could it stem from the fact that she allegedly tried to defraud him? After that episode aired, it was revealed that 2 years ago, the court ordered Sheree and Bob to SELL that mansion *she* let go into foreclosure. They were supposed to split the proceeds after the house was sold. Bob was supposed to then give Sheree something to the tune of $425k AFTER the house was sold, in ADDITION to 25k he paid her up front.

    Apparently she somehow convinced Bob to give her 400k upfront under the pretense that she would move out of the mansion and purchase a new home for her and their children to move into while the mansion was on the market… instead she took the money up front, filed several lawsuits against her ex husband, stayed in the mansion, didn’t pay the mortgage and then of course it was foreclosed on. The equity of the house was then lost… hence Bob’s motion against HER. She actually may owe *him* money. And bragging about the repossessed car saga still makes her look irresponsible, because she should have PAID HER LEGAL FEES instead of purchasing a European sports car. It doesn’t matter that it was paid in full… It was an impractical purchase she made, knowing she owed money to creditors.

    Either way, Bob and Sheree are two foolios with no semblance of awareness. The only people who’re truly suffering are their children… because their parents are self-centered douchebags, letting their dysfunction play out on TV for the whole country to see and mock.

    • Jtao

      You’re probably right about everything, but why is Bob a douchebag?

  • African Mami

    Sheree needs to come back to earth. Right now, she lives in the moon where no human being exists!

  • Debra

    I can say this don’t judge anybody til you walk in their shoes, with that being said I think Sheree got a little clouded thinking that this show RHOA (Bravo) was gonna pay her big bucks, when she found out you had to be dramatic, and ignorant she did her best to do just that and succeeded however, when you are given a opportunity to help yourself think about your children first and not just yourself, I believe she did have her kids sleeping on the floor, and she squandered a lot of the money on trips and clothes for herself, I also believe she meant well but her time ran out..and that is why its best to put God first in your life, and then you wouldn’t look like a fool to the world, you are your ex husband Bob, and I thought he was crazy anyway running around the court room looking like and idiot, when he should have been concerned for the welfare of his children…both of you need help….