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It’s happened to every childless person at least once. You’re out at a restaurant trying to enjoy your meal when a family comes in and all kiddie hell breaks loose. Before you know it your space is being encroached upon by a baby seat or perhaps the peaceful silence is broken by a cranky toddler refusing to eat their chicken fingers and fries. Either way it’s annoying and you wish they would take their chicken fingers to go so you can eat in peace. In response to that sentiment being expressed by some of its customers some restaurants have started charging small surcharges for families and in some casesbanning children all together.

At Cosmo Restaurant in South London’s Croydon area, a mother was charged an extra £3 (around $5) on her bill for bringing her 6-week-old son along even though he didn’t eat. Although she complained Cosmo’s staff refused to remove the charge and told her she had to pay because her baby was taking up space in the 22,000 square foot restaurant. The uproar that the so called “baby tax” caused prompted a formal apology from Cosmo Restaurants, who claim it was all a misunderstanding:

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