Masturbation is a completely natural phenomenon, yet somehow it has become sullied, and considered a thing that only nasty women indulge in. This negative programming around pleasuring your own vagina, is a destructive way of thinking, which suggest to me that now more than ever, a holistic discussion needs to take place about sex, and women taking their sexuality into their own hands, literally.

It is estimated that a mere 30% of women achieve orgasm, this is a tragedy of epic proportions, indicating  that the other 70% of my sistren are having lackluster sex; and who does that stand to benefit?…No damn body! I have not researched this, but I would bet there is a direct correlation between those women who do not experience climax and those that are too afraid to throw up the deuces to their nether regions.  Why is there such fear associated with self-induced stimulation of our own bodies? This negative programming has to be reversed, lest there be more disgruntled unhappy, sexually unfulfilled women among us.

I can always look at a woman and tell when she has not had a release in a month of Sundays. This can be determined by her unnecessarily bad attitude, her ability to take the minutest situation to a level 10 that may not have otherwise elicited a response at all. Women who do not masturbate also display rigidity in their body language, are less fluid in their movements, and more conscientious of themselves. As a result millions of dollars are wasted on anti-depressants, and unnecessary hours are spent in the chair of psycho-therapist  nationwide, when the remedy to many women’s problem could easily be rectified by rapid movement over the clitoris! Ha…you may think that I kid, but I do not. A self-induced orgasm is a cure for many ills—the universal happy pill, if you will.

I invite you to imagine for a moment, a nationwide women’s masturbation movement, wherein women are taught the manifold benefits of the practice. People would be healed, many households would have less tension, your boss at work would be less of a bitch. Women set the tone for most environments which is why this movement could have far reaching implications. How powerful is that?

Some may be aghast, but I think that teenaged girls need to get in on the action as well. If masturbation were incorporated into the sexual health curriculum, it would cut out a lot of early sex among adolescent girls. Incorporating masturbation into the discussion during these pubescent years when hormones are at their peak could circumvent a lot of potentially unsafe sexual practices.

Teenaged girls should know that it is the safest sex there is, there are no risk involved, no potential for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes or any other STD to be passed along, and the subsequent result is better than what any 15-year-old boy can deliver. Too often abstinence is presented as the only alternative for safe sex, and that is an erroneous concept. It is natural to feel sexual desires, and suppressing them is not always healthy. If masturbation was integrated into discussions pertaining to safe sex, we could begin a more meaningful  and realistic dialogue on the subject.

What are your thoughts about masturbation? Are you for or against it?

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