Tameka Raymond is best  known (and I suppose only known) as Usher’s ex-wife, but her recent tweets place in her the category of celebrities who might need a dose of common sense on Twitter. In the past few weeks the stylist has filed petitions to both revoke her joint custody agreement with her ex-husband and order the singer to take a drug test. In the midst of all her legal acrobatics Ms. Raymond also found the time to share her view that bisexual men who appear to be straight should publicly identify themselves.

After a backlash of responses from LGBT supporters, Ms. Raymond explained that she is not passing judgement on the gay lifestyle but is against the “trickery” of closeted men who pursue both men and women. She also explained that she meant the tweet as a joke but has since defended her stance on the issue and continues to tweet about which men need wristbands (once such having been J. Edgar Hoover).

I’m not sure what it’s going to take for some folks to understand that sexuality does not come with the desire to dress or act a certain way and how damaging it is to proliferate the idea that anyone can or should “look” bisexual. And of course deceit is unacceptable in any relationship, but are we really still on the “downlow” men as the Boogeyman thing? Am I being naive or is the DL the least of our relationship problems? Because in the real world bisexual men do exist — whether they are open or closeted, wearing Timbs or whatever more “gay” attire Tameka Raymond expects them to — and the idea that any number of them are plotting trickery against women just does not seem worth repeating.

Read more at Huffington Post.

What do you think? Are people too sensitive? Or should Tameka Raymond have kept her comments to herself? 


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  • Nikki

    I sure wish there was some way to identify men on the DL, it would make it easier for women to avoid them. I don’t think her tweet was inflammatory at all, MOST women would like the ability to tell which brothers are lying about sleeping with other men. She was not speaking on gay men, she was speaking on gay/bi-sexual men that hide their sexuality. Check out your local high school, kids are NOT afraid to express to the world that they are gay or bi-sexual. Older generations may still feel the need to hide it, but younger ones do not overall. I have no problem with anyone’s sexual orientation, just don’t place my life in danger by keeping potentially reckless behavior secret from me! Which is what SOME married men do to their wives. And while I don’t think that men on the DL are responsible for the majority of women that are infected. I have read studies that say they ARE responsible for the rise in married women being infected. A married woman should be able to trust her husband enough to remove the condom!

  • Cynthia

    What is she trying to tell us about Usher?

  • Simone

    Grow up Tameka. Dating isn’t easy, the rest of us know that already. You live in a city with one of the highest populations of black gay men. Ask questions, get a background check, get to know his family. This is basic old fashioned dating with a new age spin.

    How would you feel if someone suggested a bright red wristband for divorced people or gold diggers—both groups you are a part of? Looking straight?? Get a life woman.

    • Sepiastar

      How did you surmise that she was a “gold-digger”? Isn’t she and hasn’t she been a stylist to many people in the entertainment industry, including her former spouse?

  • fuchsia

    There is a wristband for that. It’s called your gay bestie who knows instantly who’s gay, straight, or bi and what he doesn’t know he’ll find out. Every single girl should have one! lol

  • Yezzur

    Any man that has sex with another man is a homosexual.