Somehow Malia Obama’s height is big news. The 13-year-old eldest daughter of the President has been garnering some attention lately, not for any wild, unruly antics, but for her height.

Over the weekend, the Los Angeles Times published an article discussing Malia’s growth spurt that has put the young teen’s stature nearly on par with her parents.

The paper reports:

Kids grow up so fast, but some seem to spring up overnight. Witness the trajectory of Malia Obama, the older daughter of President and Mrs. Obama, who at the age of 13 stands almost as tall as her mother. Estimates put her at 5-foot-9 or 5-foot-10, not that unusual for a child with tall parents, but definitely taller than most children her age.

So, what’s behind Malia’s sudden sprout? Could it be she’s older than 13 and her parents have faked her birth certificate? Is it a Democratic conspiracy to appeal to tall voters? Nah…it’s just plain ol’ puberty.

Although most of us either experienced our own growth spurt or saw our peers shoot up like trees when we were younger, somehow, the LA Times decided to turn Malia’s height into a news story. Personally, I blame the media’s obsession with the first family and Barack and Michelle’s ability to keep their daughters out of the spotlight.

So instead of speculating if the Sasha and Malia have crushes or like Drake or Justin Bieber, we get stories about their height. And I’m thankful for that. Because with the way the media has honed in on the Obama family, there’s no telling WHAT they’d try to report if given the chance.

Did you go through a growth spurt as teen?

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