Last night I couldn’t believe my eyes. Deiondra Sanders, daughter of former NFL star Deion Sanders, was verbally attacking her soon-to-be ex-stepmother Pilar Sanders after details of the couple’s divorce spilled out over the blogs.

Deiondra accused Pilar of being everything BUT a child of God and even insinuated that the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Sanders was only in the marriage for the fame and money.

While it’s none of my business who is at fault for the demise of the marriage, the only thing I kept thinking as many of Deiondra’s tweets were shared by people in my timeline was somebody needs to tell her to stop.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites have not only become tools to connect with others, but also ways in which people overshare with the world. I’d much rather engage in a conversation about politics or who had the best album this year, than read about somebody’s deadbeat baby daddy or lying girlfriend. It seems like the broadening of the social networks have removed many of our filters and private business is no longer private.

I’m an avid Twitter users and even in my most emo moments, I don’t name names and “go in” on people. What’s the use? More often than not people are lurking on your timeline and talking about you offline, so why give them more ammo?

I understand that it is in our nature to want attention and want people to sympathize with out plight, but I’m over reading about the intimate details of people’s lives and being completely embarrassed for them.

So as we enter 2012, I hope (although I’m sure it’s too late) many more begin to practice the fine art of discretion. Because everybody does not need to read everything about you.

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