You gotta love America. Is there another country in the world where a Jewish Deli and a black barbershop exist on the same block? Furthermore, is there another country in the world whose residents have a cloudier picture of what people of other cultures do to celebrate the holiday season?

Jimmy Kimmel — after a monologue that I have to admit is kind of corny — puts it on all on the table in a very smart social experiment with hilarious results.

I do wish that for once the barbershop weren’t the go-to for the African-American perspective, but I’m so tickled by how clueless folks are about these holidays when most people would probably confuse Hanukkah’s menorah with Kwanzaa’s kinara. Kwanzaa is the black version of Christmas? That dude in the barbershop singing the driedel song? I need to head to Canter’s Deli immediately for a sandwich, then to Legends for a shape-up, and go hang out with all of these people in between because they are too funny.

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