According to TMZ, rapper Soulja Boy has been hit with an eviction notice on his Atlanta pad after failing to pay his rent. Apparently, Mr. Pretty Boy Swag has been slipping on taking care of his responsibilities and owes his landlord $4,725.

Earlier this year Soulja Boy claimed he bought a $55 million jet, but if his unpaid rent bill is any indication of his financial standing, it ain’t looking too good.

Soulja Boy is just the latest victim of frontin’. Instead of showing off his chains and cars and talking about how much money he blows having fun, Soulja Boy should have been getting his financial house in order (And saving some for later. Has he heard himself rap? #justsaying).

How many times have we seen this play out in real life? Perhaps with one of our friends or family members spending every last dime to create an image of wealth when in reality, their bank accounts are rather anorexic.

Hmm…I wonder if this financial hiccup will get Soulja Boy and others to realize that real swag comes from financial stability not heavy chains and leased cars.

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