TLC is by far one of the greatest and best-selling girl groups of all time. Growing up, I loved those girls and admired them for the messages the sent through music, what they represented and trends they set. When I was younger, my homegirls and I used to pretend we were them as a trio. We acted and even danced liked them and of course, I was always Left Eye.

For me, TLC was the whole package. They had talent, style and dance moves like no other. Hit after hit, these ladies had us all lip-syncing to memorable hits like Waterfalls, Red Light Special and No Scrubs. Unlike most music videos of today, everyone of their videos told a story that in some way shape or form everyone could relate to.

It was that one fateful day on April 25, 2002 when things took a turn for the worst and the group lost one of their most prominent members, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez.

In honor of this unforgettable group, VH1 has just announced plans for a TLC biopic:

“Building off the success of the scripted movie “Single Ladies” and its follow-up hit series, VH1 is getting into the TV movie business with a series of scripted biopics featuring musicians and pop culture icons. The dramatic story behind the legendary ’90s R&B/hip-hop/pop trio TLC will be featured in the first TV movie for VH1 in this series. The two surviving members of the group, Chilli and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, have signed on as consultants and executive producers for the movie. Acclaimed screenwriter Kate Lanier (“What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Beauty Shop) has signed on to pen the biopic.”

It’s wonderful that their story is going to be shared with the world. Everyone will have an opportunity to see the stories of T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye like they’ve never seen them before. From the ladies starting out to their huge success (and bankruptcy!) to T-boz’s struggle with Sickle Cell Anemia to Left Eye’s untimely death, this story will surely come to life on the small screen.

The biopic got us thinking of all the reasons we miss Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Here are a few.

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