Little Riley is pretty heated that toy companies are forcing their idea of gender on her pursuit of Christmas booty. Her astute observation that “the companies that make them try to trick the girls into buying pink stuff instead of the stuff boys want to buy!” is super cute and well beyond her years.

She definitely has a point, and one that I’ve been guilty of missing while buying gifts for the children in my life. Part of me still thinks in pink for girls and blue for boys, and I still haven’t decided how much of a problem that could be.

Were you mindful of forcing gender stereotypes on the toys you bought this Christmas?

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  • Unknown

    I used to hate pink and dolls so much when I was little but my parents kept buying me the same stuffs over and over again until they realized that they were wasting their hard earned money. In fact, my cousin who was more girly always ended up with my dolls and I would end up plaaying with my brothers toys. They had cars, airplanes… all those toys that made you think a lil bit more. No wonder for a long time it feels natural for guys to pursue scientific fields meanwhile women had to do the motherly jobs… I swear I was so jealous of my brothers and I was around the same age of this lil girl. So saying that is fake (maybe it is) it’s denying the fact a lot of lil girls feel this way. Till this day, I rarely have something pink in my closet.

  • This Christmas, I was mindful… But then today I watched my niece and nephew play together… first with her doll house, and then with his race car track. It just doesn’t matter to them.