It’s been a hell of a year for Black women. No matter our successes, there was a steady undercurrent of negativity that kept rearing its ugly head. From the junk science article claiming we were the most unattractive women in the universe, to the media’s continued obsession with the occupation of our ring fingers, Black women–for better and for worse–have been the talk of 2011.

But as we gear up to move onto bigger and better things in the New Year, some things we just want to dead and leave behind. So far I’ve mentioned over sharing on social media and ignorant ways to resolve conflicts, and you all chimed in with other things you’d like left in the past. But can we officially leave behind the glut of articles, specials and brain power dedicated to the tragic single Black women narrative?

Yes, some of us are single. But many are happily coupled (or happily single), so the media’s decision to focus its attention on US is beyond me. But I’ve been over it, and I know I’m not alone (holla if you hear me, Clutchettes).

Recently Clutch contributor and journalist Ariana Proehl created a video demanding we finally put this myth to bed. And she was so on point I wanted to share it with you.

Watch “Death of the Tragic, Scientifically Less Attractive, Unmarriable, Single Black Woman Narrative” and let us know what you think.

Can I get an ‘amen’?

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