From The Grio —  Wendy Williams spoke with The Tom Joyner Morning Show today, to set the record straight on a letter she read to her studio audience last week, which she said was from Oprah Winfrey.

The talk show host told Tom Joyner and his co-hosts, “I have no reason to lie about this.” And that the letter she read during her live broadcast was from emails she received from a woman who claimed to be on Oprah Winfrey’s staff.

“I read the initial letter,” said Williams, “By the time I got to the second one, I was just like ‘This is so ridiculous.’ I read the first letter on [air], and the only thing I changed was I put ‘Love, Oprah’ at the end.”

Williams said she received the letters after stating on her show that she disapproved of Gayle King abandoning OWN to co-host The Early Show on CBS.

The next day, I get to work, and I’m told by my staff that an email came from Oprah’s staff,” Williams said. “The person’s name who sent the email is Chelsea Hettrick, just so everyone knows … H-E-T-T-R-I-C-K. Chelsea Hettrick sends a letter to the show not once, but twice. She sent it the first day, and then she sent another one with different writing the second day.”

During her live broadcast last Thursday, William’s read the letter, that she said Oprah sent, in attempt to clear up rumors that she and her longtime best gal pal Galye King were no longer friends.

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  • Esme

    hmmm… she have the letter that stated why she was fired due to the fact that her husband was feeling up on all of the female staffers and not her.

    • Name

      The correct way is ‘DOES’ she have!

  • Mimi

    I hate to sound mean, but Wendy is delusional if she thinks that someone of Oprah’s stature in media would even stoop low enough to respond to anything that she says. When has Oprah ever spoken out about rumors regarding her or Gayle? Very rarely. And if she does, its with a reputable reporter (i.e., the time she gave an interview to Barbara Walters and spoke very highly of Gayle). This shows the lack of professionalism that goes on at Wendy’s show. She should have done some type of verification to find out who this Hettrick chick is. Messy Wendy. Just messy!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I’ll just say this: For years Wendy Williams has lied about everything else on her radio show over the years, so why should I expect her to tell the truth this time?

  • Tootie

    Why would she name the supposed writer of the letter? How many people have the same name? How do we know this isn’t another falsehood? How do we know the name of the author hasn’t had her ID stolen? Ms. Williams is very immature.