Every New Year millions of people all over the world make resolutions of things that they want to change in the up coming year. Lose weight, get a new/better job, blah, blah, blah. On January 1st we are determined to accomplish these goals, but by February most of us have usually already fallen off. The problem with resolutions to me is that they are just arbitrary goals with no real vision behind them. You can say you want to lose weight, but if you can’t visualize yourself working out and losing weight, you’ve pretty much already failed. When I say visualize I don’t even mean creating a vision board because again you can glue as many pretty pictures to a board as you want, but if your mind can’t conceive it and you don’t believe it then the vision board just becomes a nice handmade piece of art.

When I say visualize I mean how do you see yourself living next year. What are you doing? How are you doing it? Can you see yourself walking into that perfect job everyday? Can you, in your mind’s eye, see yourself living your dreams? For 2011 I visualized myself writing, not just writing some arbitrary words, I saw in my mind me at home on the couch writing for some of my favorite sites and by the summer I was literally doing just that. I didn’t create a list of some random resolutions for the New Year, I created a vision. I sat down a decided to myself how I wanted to live and then I went and lived it. Did everything come to pass, no, but I made significant steps forward in every area of my vision. For this upcoming year I plan on doing the same thing, taking this last week of the year to create my vision for 2012, not on paper or on a board but within me, hopefully I’ll think of something good.

What’s your vision?

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