It looks like #TeamNatural just got a new member for the holidays. An African-American women’s group in Columbus, GA is getting into the holiday spirit and handing out Barbie dolls to young girls at the Booker T. Washington apartments in their area, but these won’t be your average Barbie dolls. As a way to help the young girls embrace their natural beauty, the group plans to give Barbie a natural makeover before handing them out.

Though Barbie comes in 50 different nationalities, most of the dolls, even the African-Americans ones have straight hair and more European features, the makeovers are intended to give the girls dolls that look more like them. “When you look for dolls, they all have straight hair,” group member Candice McBride told the Ledger-Enquirer. “It’s tricky even to find ones with brown eyes.” McBride plans to use an online tutorial she found that utilizes pipe cleaners and boiling water to give Barbie her new natural-looking curls before handing out the 40 dolls they hope to collect to the young girls. Jennifer Henderson, group member and mother of a 2-year-old daughter named Imani summed up the group’s mission best, “We wanted to show the girls that basically, it’s okay the way God made you.”

What do you think of Barbie going natural?

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  • J

    It’s a great idea! It’s awesome!

  • There ARE barbies that have hair that looks natural but it’s not all that common.

    My daughter has many, many dolls and as such we are lucky to have many skintones, facial features and hair textures.

    People can talk bad about the effect of playing with barbies all they want, that kind of play is exactly what you make it.

    I use barbies to teach my daughter to exactly what I value. Want proof it’s working? Check out her doll test from about a year ago where she picks her darkest doll and says “This is me, and I’m dressed like Tiana” (the doll is way darker than Disney’s Tiana).

    Note in part two when I ask her which hair and skintone she wants she chooses a dark skinned doll with natural hair. This is bc I use doll play to convey to her what I value and she values it as well.

    Btw, if you want a doll with Ebony eyes, just get an Ultra-Fine Point black Sharpie. It takes 2 seconds. :-)

  • Also, just think of all the ways we could take this group’s ideas and copy them. If we scouted thrift stores year round, permed the dolls’ hair and bought cheap princess dresses off ebay (folks in Hong Kong sell 50 dresses for $60) we could generate hundreds of holiday gifts and they would each cost about $2 each!!

    Since the perming is not hard, just sometimes tedious, you can wrap the hair while watching TV or attended your group’s meetings.

    Here’s a link to cheap princess dresses on ebay:

  • Danielle (Author) – Check out this facebook page –

    This woman (see link below) found my blog a long time ago and started perming left and right – now she sells them and her prices are pretty reasonable. I bet she would let you replace your photo above with one of her’s. She’s got some beautiful pics.!/naturaldollsbybeadsbraidsbeyond

  • Where can I buy one? I love these! The one with the afro is absolutely gorgeous!