Going natural involves a great deal of experimentation with products as well as hairstyles. Finding a set of tools doesn’t involve as much trial and error. If you want to maintain your natural hair, you need the right tools. Clutchettes, we have complied a list of our top ten tools every Team Natural member needs.

1. Comb Set.

You can find a comb set with wide tooth comb, rat tail comb, and fine tooth comb at your local beauty mart. Combs are a great source for detangling and shaping your hair.

2. Spray Bottle.

You can fill it up with water or mix up a natural hair concoction to moisturize your hair.

3. Satin Cap.

You can’t go a night without having a satin cap on your head.

4. Satin Pillow.

If you are wild sleeper like me or sometimes your satin cap falls off your head, the satin pillow is always great to have.

5. Bobby Pins.

Use to create various hairstyles as well as tucking up fly a-ways.

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