In the latest Beyonce news, the internet is abuzz with claims that the superstar lightened her skin for a promo shoot for her last album, ‘4.’ The photo finds Beyonce lying on a leopard couch in a crochet black one-piece swimsuit with an animal print scarf, smoky purple eyeshadow, rich brown lipstick and a funky blonde updo. Compared to recent pictures, Beyonce’s skin looks relatively light in the photo, spawning claims that she intentionally brightened her skin in the image.

It isn’t the first time Beyonce has dealt with accusations of this kind; her infamous L’Oreal ad, a paparazzi shot of her performing for the White House State Dinner that honored the Mexican First Couple and a shot of her shopping in Hollywood show the singer with a complexion much paler than “normal.” From these images, people have deducted that Beyonce brightens, and even bleaches her skin. They criticize her for fueling the age-old perception that lighter skin is beautiful. That internalized racism, they argue, is detrimental to the myriad of young women who view Beyonce as a role model.

We think all this speculation is ridiculous. Here’s why.

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  • Rhi

    Well, as a very white Mexican-American, I must say thank you for this! It is so dumb to call people’s identity into question based on what you think you see.

  • Me myself & i

    While I DON’T believe that Beyonce’ lightens her skin (photo lighting is amazing and diminishes flaws and makes you look fab), I do think that she does perpetuate European standards of beauty. She has NEVER done a photo shoot with her own hair, her hair gets more blonde with each passing year, and now she has these L’Oreal adds where she makes sure that everyone knows she is not just African American, but Native American and French. Now, while sharing one’s ancestry is not a crime; I doubt that Beyonce’ has given much thought/attention to how that may be perceived within the Black community. You’ve never seen a White woman in a foundation advertisement stating “I’m Italian, Eastern European & Spanish”. Why? Because they are quite satisfied with identifying as White. This notation of Beyonce’s “otherness” is perpetuating the notion that one cannot just be Black and and beautiful.

    • Lauren

      I agree with everything you stated, especially in regards to perpetuating European beauty standards with her increasingly blonde hair.

      Most Black Americans have “mixed” ancestry to some degree, but it doesn’t negate our blackness. When I saw the aforementioned L’Oreal ad I felt like Beyonce’ was trying to set herself apart from other Black women.

    • iloveBEYYY

      but Beyonce has ALWAYS stated that she is creole…and umm if im not mistaken, isn’t Creole a mixture of French, Native American and Black?

    • Not always. When it was explained to me, it just meant that you were a person born in the French/Spanish colonies, but it has been turned into something Black people use to discriminate against each other. Furthermore, you would be hard press to find any African American who isn’t multi-racial to some degree. My problem is that Beyonce only asserts her blackness when she is trying to sell to Black people(though she is not along in this, it seems that most black stars do this). It always seems that being black, regular black( which she is) is never good enough. Why must we always define ourselves by what white people think of us.

  • Tracey

    Too many times I’ve had a pic taken then thought:dang, I need some sun! I don’t think she’s trying to set herself apart and she should be proud of her heritage – between make-up and lighting her skin may look lighter at times (it happens to us ALL). I think the real problem may be media/editors who feel a product sells more if they person’s skin is lighter – no always the artist in question.

  • Just Me

    I totally agree! Skin color can look different from pic to pic. It could be lighting, makeup, or even the presence or absence of a tan. Give her a break.

  • curlymane

    i hear what you are all saying, but the reality is that hollywood is to blame. She is infact lightening her skin, rihanna is too. I have seen both on many occasions and the complexion gets more and more lighter each time. If you can recall beyonce with the single braided extensions from destiny’s child with the wider nose and brown complected skin, is now the narrowed nosed pale skin she appears to be now. She lightens her skin girls and boys wakeup!!!

    I have witnessed studio lightening with actress’s like kerry washington, ciara zoe saldana and more. they are lighter in the pic but its obvious they didnt lighten there skin. BEYONCE????. hmmmmm.