We live in a day and time where most of us live our lives on the internet, more specifically we live our lives via social media.  From Facebook posts to Twitter rants, many of us can’t help but stay connected this way.  Even I’m virtually attached various forms of social media and have been found guilty of sleeping next to my phone so I can check Twitter timelines during my late night bathroom breaks.  However lately I’ve been becoming increasingly irked by the habits of friends and “friends” I interact with online.  Some of their social media behaviors simply drive me up the wall and I find myself wanting to scream at the screen.  I know I can’t be the only one annoyed by some of these bad habits.  Check out a few that made the top of my pet peeve list, I guarantee you’ll feel my pain.

People Who Misuse Twitter RT
These people drive me to drink some days.  You’re going along reading your timeline filled with news, gossip and some hilarious commentary by friends and then someone creeps in with the sole purpose of retweeting all the nice things people say about them.  You know:

Awww thanks hun RT @sugarbabe @Miami_Mami10 is such a great chef…love her pancakes!

You know it! RT @sugarbabe @Miami_Mami10 is so sweet and focused…love her!

You never see them in your timeline any other time, but let someone give them a complement and they flood your screen for an hour with the retweets.  Then there are the people who retweet private conversations:

Maybe, what time you leaving? RT @sugarbabe @Miami_Mami10 You want to go to the mall?

Okay cool, Im going to catch the train now RT @sugarbabe @Miami_Mami10 In like a half.

I know it’s just Twitter, but why, just why must people annoy me daily with this stupidness, ugh!  I feel like retweeting a picture of me slapping them with a Twitter handbook.

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