Do you “smize” in all of your Facebook pictures? Are you obsessed with NOT losing your neck in group shots? If you can answer “yes” to either of those questions or if you consider Tyra to be a “friend in your head”, you just might be into fashion.

That said, I think you’ll be into this list of the 5 models of color that I believe we’ll see a lot of this year. When they make it big time, you can totally tell your friends (or anyone who’ll listen): “For sure, I saw her eons ago and knew she’d be huge!” Come on, it’s fashion, my friends. Bragging rights are supreme.

Click through to see our 5 Models of Color To Watch in 2012, Clutchettes.

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  • Burke

    Where is my girl Genesis, from Dominican Republic?! :-)

  • Bronze

    Why can’t we just say models to watch. Why do we have to say color? This is a black fashion site. I think we can take liberty to leave black, African-American and color out of it.

    Just a thought.