Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number was the beautiful Aaliyah piece of advice she shared with us — but does it hold weight when it comes to your style? I know society tries its hardest to dictate how we should live, love, and enjoy life at each new stage. From our health choices to the styles of clothing, they seem to have it all perfectly planned out for us.

But the question is does age really dictate your own personal style?

Some feel, once they get to a certain age, a whole new shopping selection is given to them — even if their body type or weight have not changed (style goes right out the window and comfort is the only factor that matters anymore). What is the exact age when mass amounts of bland, monotonous clothing catalogs bombards your poor little mailbox? I don’t understand some designers or women who think, because your age is growing, your own personal tastes “whew” out the window! Here are some tips of how to allow your style shine through at every age.

Know When to Stop — Ok, yes, even though you may have bangin’ legs and abs, which any 20-year-old would die for, that still doesn’t give you the right to prance around, matching outfits with your 14-years-old daughter. Yes, even though you were known as hot stuff back in the day that does not necessarily mean you need to reclaim that same title at your current age. Sometimes it’s best to throw out your holey cut-off booty shorts and replace them with something a bit more conservative. I know, as women, we love to hang on every piece of clothing, swearing we’re going to wear it or telling ourselves that when it comes back in style we are going to be ahead of the trend. Hmmm … it’s 2012, let’s not start off the year with lies. Just saying.

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