Over the next few months we will be rolling out several improvements to CLUTCH (wait till you see the new look!). Because we are growing tremendously, we have to switch servers, again, to easily accomodate all of our readers and your witty commentary.

This move will not only help the site load quicker, but it will also handle some of our continuous database issues.

The downside of our server switch, however, is that some of your comments may temporarily disappear. Because we love your thoughts, insights, and witty repartee, we wanted to let you know why some of your comments might end up missing.

Starting today at approximately 3pm EST, we’ll begin making the switch, so you may experience a few site hiccups. Just know, we’re working to make things better!

Here at CLUTCH know we have some of the most intelligent and passionate readers around, and we want to make sure you continue to come back and share your thoughts with us!

If you have any questions or comments concerning our improvements, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

The CLUTCH team

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  • divinnalafeme

    Thank U for addressing this because this has happened to me twice now and I was mad.lol

  • Thanks so much for the contact. I’ve really been derailed, even by a phoney apache, the media pbs station on kick backs from so called nazi aryon nation alledged morrises most of the slime cult. Theaters nut house conspiertors. Holocost. I tryed to reach trayvons family with this and more information I was stopped by google morris slut contributor. The neo nazis are working for morris smiths davises and a cult more. Ms. Gifford was shot by them. Thay smirk. Getting off on there selves nasty situation.thanks again.God Bless.lol.

    • The Comment

      Oh Dear!