Travel & Leisure recently released its annual list of America’s Rudest Cities, and boy am I glad to see my hometown no longer tops the list.

Although the City of Angels is known for our beaches, Hollywood stars, and sunny weather, apparently, Travel & Leisure magazine readers thought we were also super mean. Go figure. This year, L.A. drops to fourth on the list which is–predictably–dominated by East Coast cities.

So which city did readers find to be the rudest? New York City lands in the top spot this year, followed by Miami, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Boston.

While the majority of the rudest cities are in the North East, the cities with the nicest people are all in the South. Nashville tops the “nicest” list, followed by New Orleans, Charleston, Austin, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Hmm…I guess there is something called ‘Southern Hospitality’ after all?

What do you think of the list? 

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