We’re all past the point of digesting Nicki Minaj’s questionable personal style and overt sexuality; its not for everyone and pretty much is what it is. I’m not on “Team Barbie” but there’s something about Nicki that I like — she’s cute, does what she wants, has a few great verses and owns her sexuality in a way that just barely fits with empowered feminism. Still, as much as I “like” her, I can only listen to so much of her music and look at so much of her booty flashing before I feel as ridiculous as she looks with super-pale pink lipstick on.

Her new video, “Stupid Hoe” is just straight up confusing and makes me think that she may have jumped her own shark. Not only does the song itself sound like a more-vulgar version of her Big Sean collaboration “A$$” — and I mean just like it — but watching the video kind of feels like torture — I mean the Clockwork Orange, Guantanamo Bay kind.  See for yourself but please note, the video posted below is the explicit version because I don’t think there would be enough words left to understand it if the dirty words were removed.

Is anyone else as confused as I am after watching this? Is this whole song a Lil’ Kim diss (stupid hoes is my enemy/stupid hoes is so wack/stupid hoe shoulda befriended me/then she coulda prolly came back)? Because the idea that Nicki Minaj is devoting any music whatsoever to perpetuating beef between the two of them hurts my soul and feels like little more than a hip-hop Real Housewives brand of drama. I get the Grace Jones reference and don’t find it as ridiculous as some of the other imagery she uses, but there’s something about this video that feels like the parody of a Nicki Minaj video and not the real video itself.

It’s worth noting that this video has over seven million views on YouTube already, but around 60,000 likes and 120,000 dislikes. I can’t tell if folks aren’t feeling it because of the aural assault from the track, the lazy rhymes, the epileptic camera work, or simply because of lameness of a title like “Stupid Hoe.” It’s all a bit embarrassing. Every artist releases a dud here and there, but has Nicki Minaj gone completely off the rails with this one?

What do you think?


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