We all want it and spend our lives searching the world in one form or another for it. Love. We want it from friends, from family and even from ourselves. However it seems the love we spend the most time searching for is the love of a significant other. We want this person to love us as much as our family and friends do, as much as we love ourselves, maybe even more than that if possible. But how do we know when we’ve found that love?

A wise friend of mine once told me:

“As I’ve matured, I got rid of my logic equations, i.e., “IF he does this, THEN it means that.” Now, I just go by one golden rule: “If I feel loved, than I am loved.” I’m looking for someone who will help me become a better person and feel good about myself. That’s how I know he’s a keeper.”

While I definitely agree with her, I often wonder if feeling love is all it takes to know that you have found and are in love. Could it really be that simple? Or is there more to falling in love than meets the eye?

How do you know?

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  • Merlo

    H O N E S T Y!

  • Sapphira

    For me you only know once you truly and fully love and accept yourself!

  • Jen

    You just know.

  • Miss September

    I know that I am in love when, I find myself constantly thinking about him. I could be doing the most mundane tasks and my mind just suddenly wonders to him.
    I know I’m in love when, I can’t stop smiling when his name is brought up or just the thought of seeing him.