I live in Los Angeles and I love it. But there’s something about this city that’s made for the movies; one would think that most people would lead normal lives and I’m sure that most do, but everything weird and extreme happens right here. Case in point:

Yesterday, a pair of hikers found a human head in a bag along a scenic trail in the Hollywood Hills (I love that about LA…we have lots of those…scenic trails, I mean). This happened about four miles away from where I live in Branson Canyon, a place I always mean to head towards for some exercise. This is very scary.

I’m not used to this particular type of crime, so I’m always looking over one shoulder in my semi-gentrified neighborhood for folks ready to mug, rob, or rape me. Having someone cut off my head or make a necklace out of my toes or anything from a movie is just not on my radar.

The police are investigating the crime and all of that relatively non-soothing stuff, but this news item really got me thinking. I’m from Philadelphia where random gun violence is the main concern, so I’m not used to all of this weird Black Dahlia stuff. What am I supposed to think about over-the-top serial killer type violence and how do I feel safe in a city where human heads are popping up along the side of the road? Why is the discovery of a human head bothering me more than the dozens of murders that took place in my hometown last weekend, and of which could have been mine or a loved one’s?

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