Plainly titled, the former 2 Live Crew star’s most recent column in the Miami New Times calls out not only Romney on his alleged antiquated shortcomings, but the remaining Republican candidates as well. A politically active member of Miami himself, Luther Campbell ran (unsuccessfully) for mayoral office last year, advocating for the rebuilding of various housing projects and a tax on strippers. His recent opinion piece outlines his take on the racist image portrayed so brazenly by the current GOP presidential candidates:

“What happened to the party of Abraham Lincoln? There was a time when Republicans stood up for African-Americans. But the quartet of leading contenders for the party’s presidential nomination have engaged in some pretty disgusting racist behavior that demonstrates the GOP doesn’t like black people.”

Campbell then turns his attention to Massachusetts based candidate Mitt Romney who comes from an overwhelmingly “white” faith with a history of some pretty suspicious philosophies:

Long before he was the presumed frontrunner for the White House and Massachusetts’ governor, Mitt Romney was actively spreading his Mormon faith. At the time, church leaders preached that dark skin was a curse from God. Between 1966 and 1968, Romney was a missionary in France. He believed and taught that God was so displeased with “spirit children” who remained neutral in the war against Lucifer that he turned their skin black.”

Putting Gingrich & Rick Santorum on blast, “Luke” says:
“Then you have Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who think it is OK to pick on African-Americans on welfare. When Gingrich was recently on MSNBC’s Meet the Press, the Republican candidate insulted black people by claiming Barack Obama is “the most successful food stamp president in American history.” During a campaign stop in Sioux City days before the Iowa primary, Santorum singled out African-Americans as welfare recipients before a mostly white audience. ‘I  don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money,’ Santorum said. It might come as a shock to Newt and Rick, but 39 percent of welfare recipients are white and 17 percent are Hispanic. Stop accepting the stereotype that poor black folks are always looking for a government handout, you mindless wonders.”

The groundbreaking raunchy rap star speaks his mind on the Ron Paul ‘revolution’ as well:
“The fourth candidate, Ron Paul, believes Lincoln should never have gone to war to end slavery. When anchor Tim Russert confronted Paul, the former Texas congressman stuck to his guns. He wants people to believe that the federal government might have avoided the Civil War if it had bought all the slaves from the South and freed them. Paul claims the conflict is the reason “hatred” among blacks and whites “lingered for 100 years,” casually ignoring the fact that plantation owners believed they had a constitutional right to own blacks like farm animals. Selling their slaves would not have changed that mentality.”

No doubt for many Democrats and anti-racist folks alike, the thought of most of these conservative politicians taking presidential office is not a comforting one, but one we all must deal with nonetheless. “Luke Skyywalker” proposes one way to cope with the potentially impending doom:

“As president, Paul would chain black people in this country and send the people of Latino descent back to the places they came from, whether they were born in the United States or not. If he gets elected, I’m moving my family to the Bahamas.”

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  • beautifulblackmind

    Agreed with most of what he said except:
    “What happened to the party of Abraham Lincoln? There was a time when Republicans stood up for African-Americans. ”

    By now I would hope people would all acknowledge that Lincoln was a racist. He himself said that he only freed the slaves to preserve the union.

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      It is amazing how many people know so little about him.

    • Ketta

      I think he was being sarcastic as many black repubs throw the party of Abe Lincoln in the faces of democrats when they want to try and make a valid argument about which party cares for people of color more.

  • Mitt Romney needs to answer for his racist past this issue is not going away

  • Mitt Romney needs to answer for his racist past this issue is not going away

  • Troy

    There are severe innacuracies about his comments about Mitt’s faith. Mormon missionaries do not go around teaching racism or any racist doctrine. I have been a member all my life and never heard any discussion in church that could be considered racist. I was also a missionary. It’s easy to believe what we here in the media or from celebrities, but the best way to learn what Mormons believe is to actually ask one. That’s the honest way to get to the truth.

  • Ketta

    Well he sounds very intelligent, however no one is “checking for” a raunchy rapper who has such hits as DooDoo Brown. Who can take that seriously?!