It’s great to like Beyonce or even love her, but something tells me that this guy is involved in a level of fandom that most people could never comprehend.

From FOX 8 Cleveland:

A fight over a music video led to a Garfield Heights man being stabbed outside a Parma apartment on New Year Eve.

Det. Marty Compton of the Parma Police Department tells Fox 8 News that Ronald Deaver, 31, of Parma, was arrested and charged with felonious assault for allegedly stabbing a 48-year-old Garfield Heights man following an argument. Det. Compton says the fight began because the victim did not know that singer Beyonce’s husband is rapper Jay-Z.

My imagination must be a little wild, but when I read this story I imagine a bunch of folks sitting around on New Year’s Eve casually watching videos, the “Love On Top” video coming on, this dude hopping up out of his seat to do some choreography, someone making mention of the unborn Jay-oncé heir to the throne, another person being clueless, and Ron-Ron over here totally snapping. There are so many worthwhile things to get into an argument over, but the marital status of Jay-Z and Beyonce is not one of them. Maybe if you feel that emotional about Beyonce factoids — and I’m definitely making assumptions here, but who acts this way over Jay-Z? — you shouldn’t sit around watching music videos.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA. wowwwwwww. I love Beyonce, lord knows I do, and I refuse to let her name be desecrated or blasphemed in my home, (all praise Queen Bey), but you couldn’t pay me to go to jail for her!…unless she promised to visit :).

  • Priceless34

    Typical ninja shyte.

  • Trini

    Totally justifiable stabbing! If you dont know that Bey & Jay are together by now, you dont deserve to live. Its just that simple!

    • *DEAD*

    • African Mami

      @ Trini,

      Is u sipping the same sizzrup Lil Wayne and em are on making em wear godawful jeggings and pj’s to events?!

    • Trini


      Oh no no NO my dear. Never that! That was sarcasm. I was only kidding!

    • African Mami

      @ Trini,

      LOLLL! Girrrrrrl, I’m just teasing!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I am certain there are more layers to the emotions going on than just Bey & Jay’s marital status, but that makes the story sweeter and makes black folks look more crazy so the media/police would run with that one.

    It is what it is.

    • J

      Agreed. Do you really think this basic fact is the true underlying factor that sent this man over the edge? This is an obvious insensitivity to the reality of mental illness (diagnosed and otherwise). I love Clutch, but sometimes I ponder the thought process behind some of the posts.

      Now let’s all laugh and point at the “crazy” people.

    • Mimi

      @Best Anon- I was thinking the exact same thing. Something has to be either left out of this story or the story is completely fabricated.

      @J-I’ve always said mental health is just as important as physical. People need to start realizing that.