A few days ago we told you about Jakadrien Turner, a Dallas teen who was mistakenly deported to Colombia. After the media picked up the story, the teen is finally headed home.

Turner’s ordeal began in November 2010 when she ran away from her Dallas home after the death of her grandfather and amid her parents’ divorce. She ended up in Houston where she was arrested for theft. After her arrest, she gave police a fake name, which belonged to a 22-year-old Colombian national who was wanted by authorities. Turner, who was just 14 at the time, was taken into custody by immigration officials and mistakenly deported to Colombia.

Her grandmother tracked her down in Colombia and contacted the US Embassy, who was trying to get Turner home, but she was being held by Colombian authorities.

Now, CNN has confirmed that Jakadrien is headed home. The news outlet also has further details about the story.

They report:

CNN quotes U.S. State Department spokesman William Ostick as saying Turner left Colombia at mid-morning. He noted that the U.S. Embassy in Bogota worked closely with Colombian officials as well as authorities in Texas to resolve the case.

During hours of interviews with U.S. immigration officials, police and Colombian officials, Turner stuck by her story and her identity.

Her family had no idea as to her whereabouts.

She was finally located by her determined grandmother, Lorene Turner, who kept following clues and messages on her Facebook page until she tracked her down in South America, WFAA-TV in Dallas reported.

Jakadrien, who is pregnant, was given a job and citizenship in Bogota by Colombian authorities who continued to believe her false story.

The Colombian government says the teen had been working in a call center when Dallas police located her and alerted U.S and Colombian officials, the Associated Press reports.

WFAA reports that Colombian officials said Thursday night that they would turn her over to the U.S. Embassy today.

While it is unclear why the teen stuck to the story of her fake identity even after she was deported, her grandmother is happy she in on the way home.

“Oh, I feel good,” her grandmother, Lorene Turner, tells WFAA. “It was worth it. All the wrinkles under my eyes. I’ve aged. Look like I’m 80 now. But it’s all right. It’s OK.”

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