We all know the mainstream media does a horrible job covering stories about missing black and brown people. Instead, we get hours of TV specials and morning news coverage about young, blonde women who’ve mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, sites like Black & Missing have kept many stories alive, but now TVOne has decided to take the cause to the small screen.

Premiering January 18, TVOne will begin airing a one hour docu-drama called Find Our Missing that will focus on highlighting stories of those who vanished. According to the show’s website, it will “will put names and faces to people of color – young and old- who have disappeared without a trace. Each riveting episode features a dramatic and emotional tale that places the viewer within the lives of the missing person, along with reflecting the pain of their loved ones, while confronting dead ends at every turn.”

TVOne hopes their show will not only be riveting television, but will also help find those who have gone missing.

Will you be tuning in? 

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