Things are still pretty chaotic in Nigeria, in response to the recent announcement that fuel subsidies were going to be eradicated, and now protesters outside the troubled nation are supporting their compatriots and protesting against what they consider an extreme injustice to the citizens of one of the most populous countries in Africa.

From Accra, Ghana to New York City, protesters are making it clear that just because they are not physically on the battlefield doesn’t mean their voices can’t or shouldn’t be heard. An unhappy but spirited group gathered outside the Nigerian Consulate in New York City on Tuesday and yesterday and they probably will be back today.

It’s quite admirable to see the strong support and solidarity being formed all over the world in response to events that can potentially cripple an already wobbly nation.

Not sure how much the worldwide demonstration will help but it will show the powers that be that their unfair actions are not going unnoticed.

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  • Oruene Rotimi

    I am a Nigerian living in New York, I am very interested in actively joining “Occupy Nigeria-New York” please send my information to them and theirs to me. Further send me the contact information for Occupy Nigeria in any and all states in the U.S.A and around the world, or assist me in locating their contact information. WE REALLY ALL HAVE TO UNIFY. I’M READY. My contact infor mation is 646 643 1191 and e-mail is [email protected]. I’ve already started spreading the word and gathering our people, every number counts. Unity is key. My beliefs are stated below.

    We need to contact every Nigerian around the world, tell them to contact the “Occupy Nigeria” group in their area. Then share the contact information with each other. We need to stand together as one unified strong and synchronized voice with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

    We want a government that is transparent. NO MORE CORRUPTION. Most of all, we want to control our own oil! No longer will we accept “foreign special interest groups” to control our oil, we want to revamp our own refineries, (amongst other things). At 2.6 million barrels of oil a day, we stand as the world’s 5th largest oil producing country in the world. Yet our people die of starvation, and wallow in porverty, many with no medical benefits, clothes or shelter. This is unacceptable! Our people fight each other, and steal from each other, all actions born out of desperation, and starvation. Once we start taking care of ourselves we will thrive, and the desperation and discord will dwindle.

    When we control our own resources, we can provide the basic survival needs (food, shelter and health care to say the least) for all. Everything else will come into play. Then we will have a home we can be proud of, and the sacrifices of our fathers will not be in vain. We owe this much to our country. They need us now.

    It is our turn! We need to speak up, and let our voice be heard!!! Our Parents did their part when they came back from foreign lands and successfully built universities all over the country! Many of us, now out of the country, got our education from home! We must stand up, speak loud and clear, let our message not be misconstrued! We can not accept a government that pads the pockets of a select few by taking billions of dollars from “foreign special interest groups” while allowing others to suffer in porverty. We refuse to sit back while a select few sell our people and rape our land. We already have more support than we know. Identify yourselves and stand!

    If we all as Nigerians outside the country stand as one, we can and we will make a difference. If we do nothing, then somebody else will, and it will not be in our best interest!