Although Republicans are still fighting it out to see who their presidential nominee will be, the 2012 campaign for the White House is on. President Obama has officially kicked off his reelection campaign, hitting fundraisers, shaking hands, kissing babies, singing, and trying to convince Americans to give him another term in office. Despite an economy that is still slowly recovering and an electorate that is either unenthusiastic about the upcoming election or hates his guts, President Obama’s chances at a second term seem to be improving every day. But why?

In a year that Republicans should be gearing up to sweep the White House, Senate, and hold onto the House, the President and his team are keeping it close.

Here are 3 reasons why Republicans might just lose the next election (God willing).

Wait, you were elected to fight for WHAT?

After Republicans swept to near-historic victories across the country in the 2010-midterm elections, instead of focusing on fixing our ailing economy they chose to hone in on social issues. From championing the antiquated ideas of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, to limiting the reproductive rights of women, it seems like Republicans are hell bent on rehashing the culture wars of the past.

While many citizens were hoping the GOP would pass a jobs plan or offer relief for unemployed Americans, they decided to “protect” the wombs of women (because clearly that was most important). The House passed several bills restricting access to abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood, and stripping away funding for health programs for the poor. Although they claimed these measures were necessary to cut the deficit, the real motives behind such moves were to restrict the reproductive rights of women and handicap their right to choose.

Instead of focusing on our wombs, Republicans need to focus on working with the President to help the economy get back on track quicker than it already has.

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  • President Obama will win the re-election, and is very simple,these guys started with the left foot,I am not sure if this is in purpose or not, because very deep inside of the Republican Party is some of them pulling to the left and others pulling to the opposite side,the Republicans better start looking for real smart guys to run against the Democrats,because when Democrats lets not very smart guys to talk to the American People they lost, Kerry,
    Gore, and the Republicans had The Bush,they are very smart guys to talk to people,but these guys Gingrich and Romney no,they don’t have that charisma that people like Bush,Clinton and Obama have,so it does no matter what they say,they will lose these coming elections,you could lie but not too much that help the other person,they been so concentrated on Obama,that they forgot the country and is too late to try to correct any mistake.Obama will have another opportunity,let’s see what happen.