The now former Gawker blogger, Seth Abramvitch, lost his job last week for using a racial slur while covering Kanye West’s new design firm, DONDA.  In his post titled, “The Top 10 Kanye West Tweets About DONDA, His New Everything Venture,” the Abramvitch wrote:

You think Tom Ford is full of himself? Kanye West shits Tom Fords for breakfast. Then he irons out the shits into cutting-edge fabrics, and frantically cuts, sews, and laces that fabric through the night and into the morning, until he has produced the most unbelievable clothes — nay, FASHION + ART = FARTSHION! — in the universe. And he calls these clothes DONDA. But he calls all that other stuff DONDA, too! DONDA will be your everything. Just you wait and see. And what is DONDA? It’s an acronym for Dis Original N***a Dresses Aight.*

Reportedly, the original post featured the full slur, sans the asterisked censoring. The following ‘apology’ was later added to the post:

*DONDA is actually the name of Kanye’s deceased mother, not the acronym above, which was meant to be the kind of thing Kanye would make up in a late-night creative writing fit, but has offended many people. So sorry, to everyone who was offended, and for the confusion. Sorries all around!

Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio failed to see the humor, but rather the poor taste in which many viewed the post to convey. “I thought it was a half-assed apology,” Daulerio told TheWrap. “I basically do not want people working for the site who do not care. “I had a conversation with Seth and he told me he really didn’t care.”

In his defense, Abramvitch wrote: “I wanted it to be clear and concise, and I ran it by the Gawker team to make sure it was sufficient. The consensus was that it was. It was most certainly sincere, and I have no clue why AJ would say I said otherwise. Ironically, it was the very fact that I posted an apology, and didn’t stand by my work, that AJ initially cited as the reason for my firing.”

In a similar vein, ColorofChange announced that geriatric white supremacist Pat Buchanan faces an indefinite hiatus from TV – due in large part to their work in conjunction with CREDO action members. On Tuesday, the activist group announced that MSNBC President Phil Griffin confirmed Buchanan’s boot from the airwaves because although – as Griffin stated – Pat Buchanan is “a good guy,” some of his ideas aren’t “appropriate for national dialogue on MSNBC.” While Buchanan’s absence may be indefinite, media analysts claim that it’s not likely that he’ll revisit MSNBC, or other mainstream outlets any time soon.

Albeit some may view the axing of Abramvitch & Buchanan as little more than a drop in the bucket, it’s fair to assume that a good deal of folks may be relieved to know that these particular racially impaired media agents have faced the consequences of disseminating misinformation & irresponsible, bigoted speech – especially the likes of the racist card carrying Pat Buchanan.


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