From Glamazons Blog: Do you have a celebrity girl crush? If you don’t know exactly what I mean by “girl crush” then let me elaborate just a little bit more on that. It’s that one celebrity woman who (in your head) has always been your best friend. Like, if you met, you just know that you’d hit it off and be instant besties. Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have multiple girl crushes, but a consistent one of mine for years has always been actress Sanaa Lathan. So, imagine my excitement when I attended a Pantene event the following week to find out that Sanaa is their newest Ambassador and that was I was also going to have the opportunity to chat with her! Check out my interview with her below:

Glamazon Andrea: Let’s talk about hair! Obviously you’ve just signed with Pantene. So how did all of that come about?

Sanaa Lathan: Well, you know it’s really an amazing opportunity. I love how iconic that brand is. I love that they’ve always catered to women of all races and different textures of hair. I also think that it’s groundbreaking that they’re choosing a black woman to not just represent..you know, not just their Relaxed & Natural line. I think that’s good of them. I mean, it’s time for us to have more images of us. And our beauty is just as beautiful as all of the other types of beauty. It’s just different. So, I’m thrilled! And I really believe in the product. My hair has really been softer.

Glamazon Andrea: Do you have a relaxer or are you natural?

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