Last night on the latest episode of Braxton Family Values Trina confessed to her sisters that she had an “oral transaction” with one of her band mates. Immediately the other sisters, Tamar, Towanda and Toni, wanted to know if she was on the receiving end of the exchange and when Trina admitted that the transaction was one way on her end only, you couldn’t catch the dropped jaws of her sisters (and myself) fast enough. The consensus was that Trina shouldn’t have “slobbed the knob” as Tamar so eloquently put it, without a little oral reciprocity…especially since she wanted to tell her husband about it.

But just when I was all set to take sides with the other sisters on the issue and agree that the slob needs to be a two way street, Trina said something that made me think twice. In short, Trina said that sometimes you’re a giver and sometimes you’re a receiver and that she enjoyed being solely the giver this time around. Is that such a bad thing? Can’t you simply want to do something for your partner because you enjoy the act and/or enjoy seeing them pleased, and not because you expect something in return? Now I don’t agree with Trina’s infidelity and I don’t condone slobbing any and every knob or eating every pie, but there are women and men out there who genuinely enjoy being on the giving end. They can take or leave a return on the favor and get their satisfaction from being able to get their partner off, and if you’re someone who isn’t really into giving, this deal is a match made in heaven. Is it nice to get a little oral reciprocity from time to time? Damn sure is! But I don’t think it’s necessary in order for the act to be pleasurable and worthwhile.


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  • mrmakemusicmike


    Im a man, and sometime I feel kinda freaky and give w/o receiving.

  • Melissa

    Wait. Isn’t she married? And why the hell is she telling her biz for a reality show?

  • I don’t think it’s necessary to receive every time you give, or give every time you receive. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just pleasure your partner or be pleasured without inscribing any sort of social obligation on the situation. I actually prefer to give than to receive (or maybe I’ve just never had anyone particularly skilled in that department), and maybe there’s some sort of socialization in that…but I still like what I like, and oftentimes I’d rather skip the reciprocity and get on with it. I don’t do oral in random encounters, so I probably wouldn’t ever get into a situation like this, but I will say that I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone who refuses to go down on me. It’s not like I love it so much that I have to have it, and I def don’t need him to reciprocate every time, but I feel like I couldn’t be with someone who thinks it’s gross or is selfish enough to receive receive receive and never throw any back my way.